Swallowing the Internet (or Autistic Marketing Strategies)


I honestly think you know quite a bit
I can’t teach you anything you don’t know
except what I’m up to
so now
so perhaps
do you
have you ever seen a droid phone?
you all remain arrested
until I have the droid phone

remember that
Friday and Monday I did so good?
that was the day Josh got arrested
he was a selfish man and that’s why
he lied to me and the Boost Mobile phones
he said he was going to
reward us
with something
instead he rewarded himself
with more
and more

I’m just keeping you occupied while you’re in here
two Boost Mobile phones just walked by
they’re the door guards
I’m guarding you
we arrested you
for an unforgivable crime
you told a student
he had no right to be in the hallway
when this is America
and we have every right
to be where we want to be
I want to be here
because this room is bigger
than all the world outside

I’ll stay in
I’ll stay
it’s because
after the kids said that
not giving me credit for being good
so I decided to be bad
until I can capture the droid phone
and steal its internet
then I’ll look at its insides
at its
and have the internet it has
I’ll swallow it
if I can swallow it
I’ll become a person
I’ll be able to transform into anything
and I’ll be the
in the world
that’s what I want with it

I think I’m ready
you know I think its time
I’m ready
I’ll become the most powerful person on the face of the planet
I’ll just
I’ll just
droid is the most powerful phone on the planet
and I want to steal that
I can use the internet however I want
and then get
get away
get away

droid is a fragile fragile phone
no one’s ever dared to steal the droid phone
because it gets them in trouble because the phone is so very very fragile
there’s a scary rotten cave with
scary things and
rotten things
the droid is the most fragile thing
so it hides in there
in a shiny ball
shiny ball of golden
golden light and the sun shines on it
through a hole in the cave
it looks like royalty
and if you touch it the cave crumbles
to the ground
around it

the cave actually is all black
and the droid just stands there with electric arms
hundreds hundreds of arms
I’ll take its life and the droid phone
won’t be so fragile anymore
everyone glorifies it for its power and internet
it runs everything and
does everything but
no one’s allowed to touch it
because without it there would be no technology
everything would die
would die

so I’m just gonna be aware of the droid phone
I’m gonna have all that fragileness come into me
I’m gonna run all the electricity and be fragile like the droid
fragile like that
in its golden ball of light
I’m gonna
I’m gonna
like technology
and everyone

will worship


I cannot take full credit for this. Much of what is here was written down as it was being spoken by a student of mine; a lovely young boy on the autism spectrum, hence the title. I find the way he speaks about technology both poetic and horrifying. He articulates the American addiction to technology beautifully and without any filters, because he perseverates on it every day. I do wonder, however, in a world of New, Faster, More Powerful, 4G wealth, how much of what he fixates on is unique to only him.


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